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  Welcome to eSofer  

Welcome to eSofer-your online resource for high quality Torah Scrolls, Tefillin, Mezuzot, and accessories.

Providing professional, reliable service in accordance with the highest halachic standards, eSofer offers individuals, schools, synagogues, retailers, and other organizations strictly certified stam as well as exquisite silver pieces, beautiful embroidery, and more.

Headed by Rabbi Moshe Klein, a fifth generation sofer (scribe) and mohel from Jerusalem, eSofer has become a trusted resource for Lubavitcher Shluchim (emissaries) around the world and countless others who value its commitment to quality service, impeccable merchandise, and competitive prices.

At eSofer, you can have your mezuzot and tefillin checked, purchase new ones written by your choice of one of seven different certified sofrim (scribes) in Israel, order personalized Tallit and Tefillin bags, purchase a range of stylish kipot, and more.

The eSofer difference:
Although renowned as a major wholesaler for gift shops and bookstores, eSofer is able to offer personalized service to all its customers--from the parent outfitting a Bar Mitzvah boy to the synagogue buying a new Sefer Torah and all its accoutrements. Featuring a wide range of merchandise, including the finest leather Tefillin housing, stunning Mezuzah cases, Megillot, embroidered Tallit and Tefillin bags, and Torah covers, crowns, and yads, we are your one-stop shopping source for stam.

  • Tefillin and Mezuzot should be checked at least twice every seven years. ESofer makes it easy! Fill out our convenient form, mail us your stam and it will be checked and shipped back to you within 24 hours after it's received.
  • We also offer a unique computer checking service that enables you to email us a scan of your items for state-of-the-art computer checking. (Please note that this does not replace the need for examination by a qualified sofer).
  • Before purchasing any stam, our website enables you to examine a close-up of the sofer's handwriting. Simply click on the item you are interested in, and then the name of the sofer whose work you would like to see.
  • Our embroidered merchandise is available in a wide range of colors and styles, enabling you to choose exactly what you want.
  • Embroidered items can be personalized in either Hebrew or English. Our unique on-screen Hebrew keyboard lets you type in the Hebrew yourself-even without Hebrew support in your browser.

A service you can trust:
Unfortunately, the business of selling holy items has its share of disreputable purveyors who know little about Jewish law. With Rabbi Moshe Klein's team of seven highly-skilled, pious sofrim who write exclusively for him, you can be sure that when you purchase from eSofer you are getting merchandise worthy of its sacred purpose.